Wondering How to Escape the Rent Trap? Here is What You Should do

More and more Australians have started to prefer having their own home over living on rental property in the past decade. As far as owning your dream house is concerned, building your home from scratch is one way you can finally bring the place you have in mind into reality. At Stop Renting Perth, our goal is to help you escape the rent trap by assisting you in buying land and building your home.

However, many potential home owners who come to us aren’t sure how they can go from renting to owning a home of their own. While we help anyone who visits us by assisting with the homeownership process, we have put together some steps that you can take to escape the rent trap, so read on.

Stop Renting And Starting Buying Land To Build A Home

You can escape the rent trap by building a home instead of buying a pre-built home. In Australia, first, homeowners get a government grant to assist them in making the home. This grant is a great incentive to stop renting and start buying land to build a house.

Here in Perth, we can help you get $25,000 in the grant as a first-time homebuyer, which is enough for you to start building your home as quickly as possible. This means you can easily save up a deposit amount as you will get enough grant money to start building your home.

Pick a house plan within your budget

While there are tons of house plans that you can choose from, it is essential to make sure you choose one that falls within your budget. By picking a house plan that meets your needs while staying within your budget range, you can finish the home building without any hiccups.

We have plenty of existing house plans that you can pick from, and we can also help you decide what plans you can afford to build within your budget. All you have to do is pick a plan you like and let us know about your choice to help you figure out the land purchase process and financing for your new home. So if you are among those who are still wondering how to get out of the rent trap, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Buy a lot that is ready for construction

When choosing a lot for your home construction project, make sure to pick a lot suitable for construction and doesn’t require a lot of modifications.

Keep in mind that a level lot with the right soil and doesn’t have a lot of slopes would cost a lot less preparation and money to build a home upon as compared to a lot that is sloped with a lot of loose soil. We at Stop Renting Perth can help you find and buy a lot that is suitable for building a home with as little prep work as possible.

If you have decided to stop renting and buy your lot to build a home, you can contact us for further assistance.



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